Wind Changer Stories

These everyday people represent a diverse group. Stand UP and Speak OUT with Two Women & a Poodle, and then share your own by sending form at bottom of the page.

Roboy's tattoo says it all...Whatever It Takes to Stand UP and Speak OUT...Whatever It Takes to Live Authentic Lives...Whatever It Takes to foster and create a dynamic relationship together...Whatever It Takes!

Click to read the story of Deb & Bill and Jamie and Jeremy

Click to read the story of General J

Click to read Eva's story

Easter with the Gulleys

We met Kevin and Jerome in California

Click to read about 90 year old Lucille Wheatley

Bob and Mary Lou Wallner who lost their lesbian daughter to suicide.
 Vsit their website and read their story.

New Year's with Turner Scofield, a trans man and amazing performance artist.

Our river guide is the son of a man who is an accountant with Focus on the Family.
So, he may not be standing up and speaking out, but we are.
Click here for newsletter about that story.

Amazing PRIDE group at Sodexho.  There are also some AOL and Freddie Mac employees in this picture.  Taken when we spoke and did training at Sodexho in June, 2006.

Mayor Tom Porter (Portland, Oregon) and his wife.  We met then when there was an event at the PFLAG NW Conference.  His daughter and her partner also married in Oregon, before having their legal marriage voided.

Robert & Harold Kreider.  He is a retired Mennonite minister. 
Click here for Roberta's website...she compiled and edited three different books on Stories of Faith of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender persons.

These transgender women from the Esprit Conference are amazing!

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