Gay Into Straight America

People have asked, "Are you writing a book about your journey?"  The short answer is "YES!"  The longer answer is that this isn't a book that simply chronicles a journey from city to city. When Homophobia Hits Home...A Compassionate Couple's Journey to Transcend Backyard Bigotry (out in 2008) is much more than that.  It will give you practical tips and help you understand how you can unlock the door to your own personal freedom, and change your world, one person at a time, by changing yourselfThis book allows "them" to disappear as the roadblock and "you" to show up as the solution for your own empowerment.  CLick here to read more and to order your copy.

It is targeted for a Fall/2008 release just before we kick off our next project, The Great American Roadcast.

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