A Personal Note from Two Women & a Poodle

Dear Friends,

We are appreciative of your support! We plan to embark on a new journey, greeting old friends from our initial Stand UP Speak OUT journey, Gay Into Straight America journey, and meeting new friends on our Great American Roadcast...Join The Conversation journey.  Different from our initial journey, we will be visiting cities who are part of the League of Cities' program, We Are Building an Inclusive Community.  If your city is a part of that program (or wants to be), please contact us about speaking.  Two Women & a Poodle want to encourage cities to have the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community be a part of that inclusive community.  We might not be what some call the "traditional" family since we have 1 dog rather than 1.5 children, but who is any more?  What's important is that we are a family who cares...about one another...and about others.  Won't you Join the Conversation?  It is one we all need to have.

Rylee Joy:  I want to spread the word.  We need MORE LOVE in our world, not less!  As long as people respect and honor one another, what's wrong with LOVE?

See below to contact us!

The light in us honors the light in YOU,
Two Women & a Poodle, Dotti, Robynne & Rylee Joy Berry-Sapp

Thanks for your interst.  Contact us about speaking.

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