We met so many amazing people throughout this great country during our Gay Into Straight America journey, inspiring us and transforming us each step of the way. Click here to discover what initially inspired our journey, in addition to what we learned from our journey.

Off we go!

Now we ask you...Our beautiful suburban with our 13 foot Scotty trailer...
or a big RV?  Our rig was much easier to maneuver!

Thank you Barb & Sandy (L-R) who gifted us with the trailer for our journey.


Thanks Janis & Michele for the gift of our suburban for the journey

Learn about some of the amazing people we met!


98 year old Eva in New Jersey sports her rainbow wristband!  You go girl!

New friends at Koinonia Village, the birthplace of Habitat for Humanity.
We were the first gay people to ever speak to their group.

The whole gang at Koinonia!





Karen, and her children, Lauren & Riley.

Families who are allies are important!






How could you resist a rainbow wristband from Riley??  To each person who has received one, we say "Wearing this band is a commitment to creating authentic connections and having deeper conversations, however that works for you!"  Click here to order yours!

Charles, a former Southern Baptist minister
After having a blowout on our trailer tire outside of Birmingham, Alabama in December, 2006, we waited until morning for a replacement.  The manager ended up being a former Southern Baptist minister who had left the church because of the teachings that are harmful to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons.  He gladly accepted his rainbow wristband.  Thank you Charles!

These Presbyterian Moms "come out" for their kids in Seattle!

Dorothy Angell, 84 years old, was 79 when she started PFLAG in Columbia, Missouri
It's NEVER to late!

The "more informed" are sometimes those who have lived longer, and learned more!
90 year old Lucille Wheatley is amazing!  Her husband, Melvin Wheatley, 92 years old is a retired United Methodist minister who stood UP for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons in the 70's and was brought before church trial for his support.

Kevin & Jerome...great brothers who we met in California

Rylee Joy is soooo much like her Mama Rob!  She LOVES hats, and this Gay Into Straight America one is a favorite!

Wonderful friends and allies, Mary Lou and Bob Wallner, who introduced us!
They lost their lesbian daughter, Anna, to suicide.  Visit their website Teach Ministries.

Dotti & the transgender gals at Esprit Conference

Our guide, Betty, at Focus on the Family

Pride Group at Sodexho, where we did spoke and did corporate training