Training & Consulting

 for Creating Authentic Connections and Celebrating Diversity
inclusive of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons


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We offer training, consulting, coaching, & educational products which break the vicious cycle that begins with stereotyping. Stereotyping, a learned behavior which can therefore be unlearned, leads to prejudice.  Prejudice leads to discrimination.  Discrimination leads to the subjugating of others.  Subjugating of others leads to internalized oppression in the oppressed group.  This is your opportunity to create authentic connections, choosing freedom of thought and response in order to SHIFT!

"Sharing experiences from their year long journey, Gay Into Straight America, Dotti Berry and Robynne Sapp offer fresh insight that can help people inside corporate America  move toward a more diverse culture inclusive of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons.  Their desire to inspsire their own community to live more authentically within the corporate environment offers the best bridge for creating a greater understanding."
Rohini Anand, Senior Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer, Sodexho

We provide these services for corporations, non-profit groups, organizations, and religious institutions.  Contact us at,,  or at 360-305-0909.  


Dotti Berry & Robynne Sapp, facilitate training inclusive of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons.

The purpose of our training is to:

  • Come full circle and understand the potential of your organization, accessing the quantum field of possibiity by engaging hearts and minds, creating authentic connections and dissolving differences that separate people through building bridges to one another.

  • Take personal empowerment and accountability to a new level.

  • Recognize that the enemy is not them, our competitors or others. It is you, the ego that is attached to a specific outcome, creating fear and disappointmentt about people and situations.

  • Become aware that the gift that you are is available most readily through non-violent process, learning to lean in and ask questions rather than defend, and supporting integration of mind, body, & spirit.

Various Training Workshops available:

  • Developing & Implementing Safe Zone Programs

  • Transforming your organizational culture...Creating diversity, inclusive of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons.


  • Building bridges between people...Implementing non-violent Questioining Process within the organization.

  • Offering customized programs to meet your specific needs


Trying to promote out of the box thinking or change?  Wanting to throw away expectations and look at things from a new perspective? What is the potential for your organization?

Our consulting begins with a sequence of questions, encouraing people to engage with an open heart and mind, an atypical approach in an organization. You learn that you gain more control and coooperation by asking the right questions than you do by shoving ideas and attitudes down one another's throat.

This SHIFT encourages transformation in each person, creating an opportunity for colleagues and the organizational culture to CHANGE.

We will teach you how to utilize non-violent process and Listening PartnershipsNon-violent speech with questions allows you to listen deeply to others, and to speak your truth with compassion.

  • Consulting process assists in learning to respond, rather than react, to verbal confrontations within your organization. This reduces hostility and encourages dialogue.  It is a process, not a technique.  Empowerment creates conscious and thoughtful response; fear creates negative reaction.

  • Consulting process assists in being aware of how to manage the gap of relational communication.  This allows you to seek community within your organization, rather than uniting around what you choose to set you apart from colleagues.


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Dotti Berry is a Coach, offering both personal and executive coaching for GLBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender) employees.  Additionally, she offers this service to those persons not in the GLBT community who are striving to create a more diverse culture in their corporation. 

Executive Corporate Coaching helps YOU improve YOUR professional live. Dotti says, "If you are ready to make BIG SHIFTS in your life, I am the coach for you.  I am not a therapist, yet I help you to solve problems efficiently. I coach executives who are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender, on how to live life more authentically, so that your choices impact your career in a positive manner.  I also coach you on how to create effective partnership between yourself and other employees and/or executives.   I coach executives dealing directly with GLBT employees on how to create this same effective "partnership" between themselves and the GLBT employees.  I work with each employee or executive on strategy and leadership, and discovering what future path will most empower you in your career and life.  I help you discover how to get more of what you want and to communicate more clearly.

Whether a mix of change-oriented coaching (aimed at changing certain behaviors or skills), growth-oriented coaching (aimed at sharpening performance), or a combination of both, the coaching programs typically last from six months to one year and consist of weekly 45-minute coaching sessions.  I serve as a mirror to reflect your inner wisdom in order for you to awaken, be conscious and empower you potential."

Coaching vs Therapy?  Click here to discern the difference.


  • The #1 top-level employee relations problem in their organizations? Poor interpersonal skills, selected by 48% of survey respondents. 

    The #1 main top-level management problem in their organizations  Poor communications skills — both written and verbal, selected by 41% of survey respondents.

    The survey concludes that progressive organizations are increasingly utilizing executive coaches for their managers and enrolling them in interpersonal skills-building courses. These methods have enhanced both the executive performance and team effectiveness of the organizations. - Manchester Executive Coaching Survey

  • Coaching is needed today more than ever as a critical tool for organizational change...Change is essential for an organization to grow and adapt to today's rapidly shifting marketplace...In changing from old hierarchical models to relational models for leading and influencing, businesses are creating coaching cultures that encourage organizational learning. Coaching has emerged as the best way to help individuals learn to think and work together more effectively.- Georgetown University, Center for Professional Development. 2002

  • Call it professional coaching, executive coaching, life coaching, or corporate coaching. Whatever the name, this new phenomenon is one of the hottest services in corporate America today. Some data show that the quality of the relationship between boss and subordinate is a major predictor of intentions to remain. Coaching--which can help managers talk with subordinates about their developmental needs--absolutely affects that relationship positively. And there's a big potential payoff.- says David A. Thomas, Fitzhugh professor of business administration at Harvard Business School. THE BUSINESS JOURNAL April , 2000

  • "Between 25 percent and 40 percent of Fortune 500 companies use executive coaches" - according to a recent survey by The Hay Group, an international human resources consultancy  
  • Dotti is finishing her doctorate work in Human Sexuality at Widener University. Through her company, IMPACT Communications, she has authored various articles and worked since 1985 with both youth and adults in organizations, universities, corporations, religious institutions and Leadership classes. Sodexho, Info Quest Clinical, the Girl Scouts, NCCJ  (National Conference of Community and Justice), and Soulforce are some of the diverse groups who have secured her services in the areas of transformation, GLBT issues, diversity, teambuilding, and non-violent process.  She studied with Brian McNaught, called the "Godfather of Gay Sensitivity Training" by the New York Times, at the Thornfield Annual Conference on Sexuality, where she completed a special track on corporate diversity and gay issues in the workplace.  She works passionately for the acceptance and inclusion of the transgender community, saying, “Not only should they not be left behind, we must invite them to lead the way,” presenting workshops as well as groups for SO's (significant others) and transgender couples at various conferences. Her book, Stand UP Speak OUT, is in process and will be published in 2007.


    Educational Products

    Want to spice up your diversity training? Or add a new twist to your management training? Want your training to stand out, to leave a lasting impression? Want to transform your short training event into a year-round event?

    With one tasty bite, Diversity Beans offers your solution!

    IMPACT Communications offers a highly effective resource that is multi-sensory, easy to use, flexible, and transcends the workshop into the hallways of the workplace.  Employees will see, taste & talk about diversity.  Diversity also includes diversity of personality.  Organizations are full of different personalities, and it is often these differences that alienate people and create chaos.  Combined with our training, consulting, and one-on-one coaching, exciting results are accomplished.  Click here for more information (including pricing) about Diversity Beans™.

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