Live YOUR Truth...Own Your Power!

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Live YOUR Truth
Ten Empowering Principles

Live Your Truth means not sticking with a book title that never really "stuck" with us.  The original title we had previously posted did not truly express the essence and message behind our story, our life, and our ever evolving journey, including but not limited to our year-long Gay Into Straight America journey. Thanks for sticking with us in this process! I am reminded through reading Mike Dooley's new book, Infinite Possibilities, that it took him nine years to bring it to fruition. As we visualize the end result, the details and the "how" will take care of themselves! This much we know, one day it will happen!

Below is more about the "discarded title"  that a very capable publicist/TV producer (and a wonderful person) wanted us to use.  The problem?  It never really fit for us. We leave it here because we feel it is an illustration of an important lesson that we utilize every day in our lives.  We often experience the contrast of a situation that we don't want in order to better understand what we do want. 

When Homophobia Hits Home...A Compassionate Couple's Journey to Transcend Backyard Bigotry uses real life stories from the year-long journey, Gay Into Straight America, of Two Women & a Poodle, detailing why it is time for you to stand up and speak out in new and empowered ways.

Following is why we changed it. Our vow (at each of our three weddings to one another) was:

I come to you with an open heart and vow to change the world through the expression of our love.

We feel that the book title should reflect the gift that a reader would find inside the pages.  It should also be congruent with who we are, and how we want to express ourselves in life.  The above title feels static, like a description just sitting there.  It also only captures a piece of the bigger picture. The new title is alive and dynamic. It is living and breathing.  It is what we have encouraged people to do before, during and after Gay Into Straight America. And...what we realized is that when you Live Your Truth, You Own Your Life.  Nobody else does.  You take full responsibility.

So the the book is an invitation (to you), a declaration (for us), and an imperative (for all of us) rolled into one word: LIVE!

We LOVE our book cover.  We feel that it inspires and empowers each of us to ask, "How can we Live Our Truth and stand on top of the rainbow, reaching out to make a difference in our world?"

This is our understanding.  We discovered that our living authentically and connecting on deeper levels is what inspired and empowered both us and others, whether gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, allies, non-allies, or whoever we encountered. This was beyond our original intention of bridging the divide during our year-long journey, Gay Into Straight America.

We recognized from the letters and emails we receive that this one Live YOUR Truth... is the beginning of an ongoing journey.  That journey is the one of unlocking the secret of living authentically.  Taking the locks off the prison doors, behind which transformed relationships & life reside just waiting to be released, is the great discovery and opportunity. 

We realized that the original title does not resonate with our inner being. It does not reflect what we feel would inspire anyone, anywhere, in any situation to move beyond their comfort zone into uncharted territory.  The next phase that happened was we named it "Live Your Truth...Own Your Life."

Alas...another phase was to come...a recognition that our true essence is revealed as we "live our truth" and "own our power."  This lead to the final title of our book, "Live Your Truth...OWN Your Power!" The following paragraphs below were already here. They speak our truth and thus remain.  We wrote it...we felt it. 

This book is a primer for embracing YOU and living YOUR Truth. It is about discovering how to live as the gift you are. If you are living someone's truth, you aren't authentically YOU! This book provides a roadmap for opening up your hand and grasping the key that unlocks your prison door, allowing you to become the solution for your own freedom. 

We often hear that true empowerment comes from transforming oneself, not by changing others.  The most important question you can ask yourself is, "Do I believe that?"  If you believe it, you will understand this is the avenue by which you OWN Your Power!

If you do, this book offers practical tips, through illustrated real stories with real people, for moving beyond theory into reality.  You will learn how to weave this philosophy into the fabric of your daily life in a natural and easy way.

If you are interested in learning how  to engage in new and daring ways, connect on deeper levels, and transcend differences that separate, this book is a must read. Our journey confirmed that people are yearning for this life opportunity, and yet often times create barriers which block them from experiencing their deepest desires and dreams. 

Two basic human yearnings seem universal and were consistently reflected across the diverse spectrum of people we met throughout the matter their sexual orientation, gender identity, political persuasion, religious affiliation or lack of one, socio-economic status...

     1) People want to live authentically..there is something inside of each of us that yearns for that, because to experience authenticity with self and others means to be known at the core level and in turn to know others in a similar manner. It allows us to live a life of MORE with more authentic connecting and more authentic engaging.

      2) People truly want to make a difference in our world..someway, somehow...and we search to find those connections which resonate with and impassion us.

Two Women & a Poodle encourage you to make a commitment to take one action each day to Live YOUR Truth, knowing that the end result is owning your life, connecting at authentic levels, and making a difference. This demands attention. Living authentically is created consciously, fueling your transformation and opening up a space into which others can grow. Invite your friends to do the same.  If you are interested in experiencing a more authentic life, no matter who you are, this book will give you many ideas on how to take this idea from a theory or concept into a personal journey.

Live Your Truth
Your Essence Is The Wave That Breaks
ALLOW for Whatever Spark It Takes.
ACCEPT That It's Natural and Easy
And NOTHING Is Necessary for You & Me
To Have This Freedom for Eternity.

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