Robynne Sapp & Dotti Berry

We spoke witih radio shows, newspapers, and TV, as well as to groups and individuals throughout the country on our year long Gay Into Straight America journey.  We host The Joe Teehan Show (www.KGMI.com) 790 AM in Bellingham, WA, when Joe is on vacation. Our dream is to have our own radio show.  You can listen to our podcasts via the link below. 

Additionally, Dotti is a Life & Relationship Coach, Writer, Consultant & Trainer. Click here for her bio.

Our Definite Major Purpose is to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to transform ourselves and our world, one person at a time.  How?  Living Authentic and having deeper conversations, as we engage hearts and minds, create authentic connections, and dissolve differences that separate us. 


Won't you join us in doing Whatever It Takes to have us speak to your corporation, group, college/university, high school?  Why not have us present our workshop, Living Authentic...The Essence of Being Human, or one of our customized training workshops through Training2Transform?


We propose that Living Authentic is the essence of what it means to be human. Why would any person want anything less?  Living Authentic creates a common bond that empowers all of us.  Living Authentic is the best antidote for debunking myths by which we paint inaccurate caricatures of one another.

Our Gay Into Straight America journey confirmed that you deeply want to connect with others, and yet often erect walls that keep you from attaining your deepest desires, and manifesting love and compassion that is vital to creating authentic connections in your world.  

You can't hate someone whose story you know is a universal message.  It holds the key for dissolving and transcending our differences.

We have encouraged thousands of people to live out the legacy of Helen Keller ... the Power of ONE...and “do the something they can do” as they dare to live with intention.  We want to inspire you to Stand UP and Speak OUT, doing Whatever It Takes to create authentic connections and having deeper conversations with anyone in your life.  Together, we can change the world! Contact us below!

Be the change you wish the world to see.

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