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Mar 20, 2007

   Live Authentic...Whatever It Takes
Inspiring the Power of ONE in each of us 
  to access and impact the
Power in ALL of Us
as we transform ourselves and our world, one person at a time

You can't hate someone whose story you know.
  The tiniest story in your life can deeply touch another.
 You cannot know the effect your story might have.”--Sark
Yes, we apologize for the delay in this news update being sent, particularly when so many were waiting to see what happened with our court date in Colorado Springs.  Having said that, THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for your support!  We could not have gotten through everything without the emotional, spiritual and financial support offered by so many.  Didn't contribute?  There's still here! If you didn't read the newsletter account of our arrest on February 19, click here. Settle in, get a hot tea or coffee...this is going to take a while!  
In this newsletter Update:
  1. Facing the Judge in Colorado Springs
  2. Lobby Day in Olympia
  3. Speaking at PFLAG chapters and colleges
  4. New York...New York...still leading the way!
  5. Telling your story... This will be a regular new feature in our newsletter. Let us know if you have a story you want to share.
  6. In the News! This will be a regular feature carried in each newsletter.
  7. Blogging & Podcasting - This will highlight new ones and be a regular feature carried in each newsletter.  Upcoming podcast with Craig Wilson of USA Today.
A lot has happened during the last month as we waited for our court date on March 14 to "face the judge" in Colorado Springs. From being called a "boring lesbian couple" staging a "boring protest at Focus on the Family" in one article, to being asked, "Why do you want to tarnish your reputation?" we have heard it from A-Z.  It reminds us that our commitment for equality and justice can never be based on what others think.  We can't begin to imagine how "unpopular" Rosa Parks must have felt after she was arrested, or fully understand Dr. King's anguish as he wrote his Letter from Birmingham Jail, or comprehend the frustration Alice Paul, Lucy Burns and others felt when they were arrested for peacefully protesting the fact that women could not vote.  Frankly, we are lucky.  Great people came before us who make it much easier to take a stand, if only we are willing to endure the ridicule it might entail.  Recently, former U.N. Ambassador Andrew Young, one of King's former lieutenants, said that King's words were not important because he said them, but because he lived them.  Amen.
Dotti: If you want to know why twenty five years ago, I made the decision not to be silent until we quit losing our youth, read this article in the Colorado Springs Gazette this week, Out of the Closet, Out on the Street.  It is about the growing concern regarding gay young people who are homless, particularly in Colorado Springs. If you read and think "How awful," stop and ask yourself, "Am I living authentically in my life so that I become a part of the solution for stripping away the opportunity of this happening in the future?"  Whether you are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender, are you speaking truth to those you know?
Our experiences have ranged from speaking in Walla Walla, WA at the community college and at PFLAG, to taking a few days R & R with our friends, Mary & Al, in SandPoint, Idaho, to being in New York and standing in snowy 12 degree weather for a shot at being selected for Oprah's "The Big Give" show, to shooting pictures in Greenwich Village at the historical The Stonewall Inn, serving as a reminder of why it is important to take action today. 

We didn't know we had so many friends until we got arrested.  It was great to finally use that "Get out of Jail" free card ... well, our friends made it "free."  Yes, the names of each of you who financially contributed made it possible and are written forever on that card and in our hearts. Though we took our time to return to Colorado Springs to face the judge, with Dotti taking time away from clients and Roby missing time working on real estate investing and photography, we felt it was important.  Your financial help got us there and helped pay for our fine.  More details follow.

1. Facing the Judge

Regarding the first comment of being a "boring lesbian couple," we wrote a note thanking the writer, saying, "To be called 'boring' after being often called an 'abomination, pervert, and sinner' is certainly a step up! (:  We were cracking up laughing, since boring is one tag that no person in our lives has ever used about us.  It just shows how much we keep growing! Thank you!"


To the second comment, "Why do you want to tarnish your reputation?" Dotti replied,
"I had a deeper conversation...with my mother...on the way to the airport in Seattle to catch our flight to Colorado Springs.  That led to a blog I wrote
called "Tarnishing My Reputation...a reminder from my mother." Deeper conversation...that is why we wear our rainbow wristbands every day...a reminder of our willingness to connect in authentic ways by having the difficult conversations. Some days, it is more challenging than others.  The closer is gets to me personally, the more I want to resist. At times, it feels like 'Why say anything.'  Can you identify? Avoiding confrontation, however, and the feelings of unease that accompany such a situation, resolves nothing and adds yet another layer to uncover at a later day.  This is one extremely important aspect to remember, whether it is with Dr. James Dobson or my mother or your mother.  I wish I could tell you that it is easy to take these steps, but it doesn't work that way.  What I do know is that when it comes from a place of harmony and balance within myself, it is natural and easy, and ironically, it leads back to the only way to stay in harmony and balance.  That is what speaking one's truth in respectful and honoring ways does for each of us.  My commitment to sharing my truth also continues to open up a new space into which my mother can grow.  If I refuse to speak honestly with her about my feelings and refuse to share my life, I contribute to her emotional imprisonment, creating a barrier to her potential for personal evolution. In the end result, my difficult conversation with my mother created a more authentic connection, where we engaged our hearts and minds.  Thanks Mom!

Kathy Reim, state chair for PFLAG in Washington, had the following at the end of a recent email.

Ubuntu: "A person with ubuntu is open and available to others...affirming of others...and is diminished when others are humiliated or diminished.
Archbishop Desmond Tutu

This quote provides a great segue and reminder of one of the lessons of non-violent process.  Whether a difficult converesation with my mother, or an act of civil disobedience at Focus on the Family, it is never done to humiliate or diminish another.  It is to create a constructive tension that holds hope and possibility for a new third position and understanding at the end of the rainbow.  As history reminds us, it doesn't happen overnight.  It takes continued effort to shift the consciousness of conditioned cultural thinking. 

As we waited this past month for March 14 to arrive, it is sometimes easy to assume that "surely they won't send us to jail" for this when they understand the circumstances behind what provoked our act of civil disobedience.  Those thoughts keep us sane; however, they don't necessarily provide the most accurate picture.  That is why a great lawyer is an absolutely necessity and we had one.  Mike Duncan...take a bow! We love you! 

(L-R) Roby, Mike & Dotti

Now, it isn't that we wouldn't have agreed to jail time if necessary.  "What" would have made it necessary?  Keep reading ...

We arrived in Denver on Monday evening, March 12. Bill Oliver, our host and  Soulforce friend from Colorado Springs, picked us up and drove us to Poor Richards, where Michelle Bright, a student at Colorado College, works.  You may recall from our last newsletter that Michelle is taking a Journalism class, and mentioned that her class had read the coverage when we were arrested on February 19.  (we met her at the restaurant when we ate there before we spoke at Colorado Springs PFLAG on Feb. 20). They were left with a lot of unanswered questions.  We encouraged her to interview us and Focus on the Family, and write an article as a class project.  She decided to do that.  She initially sent us some questions to answer, and this opportunity to meet face-to-face was to finish the interview, enabling her to complete the article and hand it in on time for her class the next day.  Unfortunately, the timing for speaking to her class didn't work out because of their projects being due that day.  Michelle contacted Focus on the Family, but they would not grant an interview.  Michelle Bright's article

Poor Richards is not only one of the most eclectic businesses in Colorado Springs, being four businesses under one roof, but its owner, Richard Skorman, is one of the most influential allies in town.  Formely on the city council, he is now assisting Senator Ken Salazar as regional director/Pike Peak Region.  His allegiance to our community and others is evidenced in another recent article written by Michelle Bright. When a lesbian couple, who had worked for him for 11 years, were killed in a car crash, Richard came through to pull together a hurting community. 

Roby found herself in bed all day on Tuesday, nursing a cold that had finally taken hold and turn to bronchitis.  I did an interview with Jim Ryan on 740 AM.  By the time we met Mike Coletta, who is running for mayor against the incumbent, for dinner at Poor Richards, he had already heard it.  Mike is amazing.  He knows he is facing an uphill battle, but he is putting himself out on a limb.  His attitude?  If not this time, perhaps next.  The key point is that he is taking action rather than talking.  It was that evening that we also finally met Richard Skorman in person. In an email we received before leaving Colorado Springs, he encouraged us to keep up what we are doing saying, "We will win because we are right."  Richard and his wife, Patricia, are avid supporters for equality and justice for all.  We have to agree with Richard.  Being on the side of justice and equality is always a win in the end result, no matter what the consequences.

Mike Coletta shared a powerful story when he first contacted us after our arrest on February 19.  He shared about Juanita Hairston, who on April 1, 1944, made a name and helped start a movement.  Click here to read how Civil Rights Came Slowly, Softfly to Colorado Springs.  It might have been April Fool's Day in 1994, but Juanita was no fool.  She was smart enough to take action for justice years before it all began in other parts of the country.  She is a new hero to us, and a reminder of why we do what we do.

Wednesday, March 14, was a full day.  At 10 a.m., we met with our lawyer, Mike Duncan, who had graciously offered his services pro bono. We asked him, “Why?”  He told us of a case where he represented a gay man, a doctor in the army, who was charged in 1990 with all types of trumped up charges for being gay in a “witch hunt.”  As well, he said that one of the guys, who was in the Air Force, committed suicide when he couldn’t bear the stress of what had happened.  From that point, it was a short time later when Amendment 2 in Colorado occurred.  He joined in that fight and has never looked back.  We are grateful for allies such as Mike Duncan.

During this meeting, Mike pointed out that it is always possible that jail time could be a consequence, particularly since Dotti has many arrests for civil disobedience in her past.  Although unlikely, he knew he needed to walk us through the potential consequences.  We had talked a long while by phone before this meeting. We made the decision to plead "guilty" and avoid a trial (more time and money) since we obviously had done what we did, and in all liklihood, a jury would simply find us guilty.  "If," however, not going back to visit Focus on the Family again in the future was given as a requirement in exchange for acceptance of our guilty plea and receiving a fine versus jail time, we told Mike that we would then plead "not guilty" which would force a trial.  In that case, we were willing to go before a jury and plead our case.  Doing this make a person realize why people plead differently in various court situations. 

Dotti:  "Each time I go through this court process, I learn something new.  Each situation and jusrisdiction is slightly different."

Now we understand more fully why Mike's website for his law firm is BristleconePines.  It says, "We’ve chosen as our Web site address because the Bristlecone Pine is an amazing symbol of endurance. It speaks to us at the Law Office of Michael J. Duncan, as lovers of the natural beauty of Colorado." We continue reading and discover that these are oldest trees in America, some are 5,000 years old. They survive in the harshest conditions, near the timberline in mountainous regions in six states, including Colorado.  Mike has indeed endured, while simultaneously cultivating an open heart.  What a wonderful combination. Contact Mike if you are in Colorado Springs and need a great lawyer! When we wrote and thanked him, he replied,

Dotti, Roby,
You're welcome! I'm so glad that I got a chance to meet you and work with you. And thank you for your campaign of love, understanding and non-violence. What you do takes not only the obvious commitment, money, time, etc., but also courage.
I wish you the best as you continue on your journey.
By 11 a.m., we were at New Life Church (where Ted Haggard was formerly the senior pastor).  Similar to any of these meetings in situations like this, we didn’t go to “change” Mike Steczo who is both a lay pastor and a chaplain with the county sheriff's office. We went to put a face to "who we are," and to engage his heart and mind.  It was great to have Bill with us as well.  As you might rightly assume, Mike told us how much he loves us, since he “loves the sinner and hates the sin.” 


Mike admitted he wasn’t good with his recall of the specific scriptures that he “knows” are in the Bible and condemn homosexuality. Dotti immediately put his mind at ease, saying that she would not take advantage of that fact by pointing out all of them with an interpretation different than his.  We expressed that we were not there to debate scriptures nor defend who we are.

New Life Church Service that we attended on Sunday, the day
before we were arrested on February 19 at Focus on the Family.
We sat on the second row next to a nice family...afterwards,
we met Susie.  We had met her husband, Spencer, before the service. We discovered that she has a gay brother in LA.  She informed us that he is single for the first time in 25 years, and that she was praying for his wholeness.  She explained that she just "wanted God's will." When we asked his name, so that we could all pray for him, she refused to tell us.  She said that she could tell that we were nice, but that there is darkness all around.  Dotti asked her if she thought that darkness was more powerful than God's light.  She said no, but apparently thought we might interfere in God's will for her brother.  So, Dotti looked at her and said, "Then we will pray for Susie's brother. Would that be ok?"  Susie's worldview was different than ours, and we understand how that colors everything.
Click here if you missed our last newsletter about our act of civil disobedience at
Focus on the Family and our subsequent arrest

Back to our meeting with Mike.  He made an interesting comment, saying that, although many people would not agree with him, he thought it was better for a child to be in a loving home with a gay or lesbian couple, than to be in a broken home.  I wonder if we could facilitate a meeting between him and Dr. Dobson?

We read that the staff at New Life has recently been cut from 350 to 300 people.  Mike confirmed that some open positions were not filled and others were eliminated.  In fact, Pastor Mike told us that the staff salaries at New Life are not to be more than 50% of their budget, but that Pastor Ted had continued to add people to the staff to the point where istaffing was 60% of their budget.  He did share that he knew they would have grown into that staff, but that 60% was too high to maintain once donations dwindled when the Ted Haggard situation occurred.  Mike admitted that though he forgives Pastor Ted, the most difficult part is thinking back to an ongoing question Pastor Ted consistently asked in various sermons..."What is your sin costing others?"  Mike said he knew that the cutbacks (which came about because of Ted's "sin") had caused others to lose their jobs.

At the end of our meeting, Mike asked he if might pray with us.  We said, "Of course!" He said, "Really?" as if he were surprised.  We all joined hands and listened as Mike prayed.  Interestingly enough, out of his five children, all are married except his two sons.  They play semi-pro hockey and room together in San Francisco. never knows.

By 12:30 p.m., we were on our way to “face the judge” at court at 1:30.  Our lawyer met us there, and had the opportunity to meet with the city attorney before our court session began.  Mike explained our situation, and confirmed that we were pleading “guilty” to the charges of trespassing, and was able to settle with a fine.  We went back in the courtroom to await our turn.  Fortunately, we were the first ones called (you can leave after that).  Dotti was called first.  Mike walked with her to the podium/microphone facing the judge.  The judge asked several questions.  At one point, Dotti turned to Mike, asking, "What did she say?"  Mike repeaded it softfly, and Dotti still couldn't hear.  He repeated the question, "Are you under the influence of anything that would impair your decision making."  Dotti chuckled, and turned back to the judge, replying , "Nothing except my hearing problem." Roby went up next.   With our ability to still go inside and visit people we have met at Focus on the Family headquarters, we left, knowing that we are part of history in the making by being a part of the initial stages of the Soulforce "Focus on the Facts" campaign.  

By 3 p.m, we dashed to an interview with Michael de Yoanna with the Colorado Springs Independenct.  Since their weekly paper comes out on Thursday, all deadlines were over for this week, so that article will come out next Thursday, March 22.  Mike is beginning a series where he will follow the Focus on the Facts campaign.

By 4 p.m., we were enroute to Focus on the Family.  We knew we had little time before they closed at 5 p.m.  We arrived about 4:10 and immediately went to the Welcome Center.  We felt some anxiety as we walked in the door, knowing we would possibly see Diane #2 for the first time since she stood talking with us in the main building on February 19, when we shared that we did not intend to leave when she asked if we would be going back by the Welcome Center that afternoon.  We didn't know if she had received the flowers we delivered to her the next day, leaving them at the front desk when she wasn't available.  It was one of those moments, however, that we knew we had to move beyond.  Going to Focus on the Family is like being thrown off the horse, and making the decision to get back on again.  It is another Rosa Parks/Alice Paul/Martin Luther King, Jr. moment, realizing that others took many steps before us to stand up and speak out for justice.  It is all interrelated. It is not about "us" as in Roby and Dotti.  It is about "all of US."

A young man named Aaron was the greeter.  We asked if either Diane were there.  He replied that Diane Ingolia (we finally confirmed her last name when he asked if that was the Diane we were looking for).  We said “Yes, that’s her.” We recognized it from having taken flowers to them the day after our arrest.  It was then that the lady at the front desk had called her by that same name.

Aaron was new at FOTF, but has been doing a two year internship at New Life.  We didn’t get the opportunity to inquire about the Ted Haggard situation, and what impact he felt there had been. 

Diane arrived in just a few minutes and greeted us in Wits End, just as one FOTF employee was making our picture. Bill had never met Diane before, nor had he been to Wits End, the children's part of Focus on the Family.  

(L-R) Roby, Bill & Dotti

Diane personally gave us a tour, sharing details that only the woman in charge would know. As always, she was delightful.  She encouraged us to go "behind the scenes" and let her take this picture of us.  Who says that the march for justice can't be fun??

(L-R) Dotti, Roby & Bill

We finally addressed that we had just come from court, but that we could not be in Colorado Springs and not come by and saw hello to her and others.  By the time we visited our visited, it was two minutes before closing, so we asked her to say hello to Den Patterson, head of security.  Before leaving, we spotted Joe, the security guard who Gary Schneeberger (special assistant to Dr. James Dobson for Media Relations) had turned us over to when we refused to leave on Feb. 19 and were arrested.  We're ok with the realization that Aaron popped up everywhere Diane took us, and that suddenly a security guard appeared in the Welcome Center upstairs by the time we returned.  We went over and shook Joe's hand.  He said, "You know I had a job to do.  I have to keep my job."  How well we understand.  Many gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons have to do things every day (like remain silent) in order to keep their jobs.  Perhaps we have more in common than he realizes.

Eleanor Roosevelt's quote (shared by friend and client, Sonja Braasch) says it all:

"I gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which I must stop and look fear in the face...I say to myself, I have lived through this and can take the next thing that comes along...we must do the things we think we cannot do."

We continue to express two main reasons for our Focus on the Facts Campaign: 

1.  We seek to end Dr. Dobson’s and Focus on the Family’s ongoing campaign of defamatory, untruthful, “toxic” rhetoric which poisons the public discourse and causes suffering for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people. By refusing to respond in any meaningful or constructive way to over a decade of requests for dialogue, Dr. Dobson has given us no choice but to engage with him in an ongoing conversation using relentless, nonviolent direct action. 

2.  Specifically, we are asking that Dr. Dobson and Focus on the Family take a first step toward reconciliation with LGBT communities by ceasing their misrepresentation of social science research about LGBT families (as exemplified in a recent Time Magazine article). According to the American Psychological Association (APA), "no credible evidence shows that children raised by lesbian or gay parents differ in any important respects from those raised by heterosexual parents." Dr. Dobson's claims rely on "studies that simply do not address gay and lesbian parents and their children."  

2. Lobby Day in Olympia 

If you have never attended Lobby Day, put in on your calendar for next year. It's one more step at taking an action to create change for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons in Washington. 

We first gathered on the steps together to hear various speakers.

Gathering in Olympia

At the end of the speeches, protestors, ready with their bullhorns and signs, began to shout.  Roby and I turned and looked at one another.  We knew we wanted to talk with them, seeking to remove the barrier between us. 

Roby: It reminds me of when I am in my car.  Sometimes, I say something that I know I wouldn't say if that person were directly in front of me.  Why?  Most likely, they would say, "Hey, I didn't mean to cut you off just then."  Because of the barrier of our cars, however, I know I sometimes shout out because I feel safe in doing so.  We decided to move beyond the walls that seemingly existed between us and them.  After all, if you can't hate someone whose story you know, we needed to know theirs.

We initially approached one guy with a bullhorn.  We put out our hand and shook hands with a guy, who turned out to be Paul.  Hmmm...if he is Paul, we wonder what Saul was like? (:

(L-R) Roby, Paul & Dotti
Yes, this smiling guy is the person who was angrily shouting into his bullhorn
as we appoached

After talking with Paul, we approached another group of gentlemen (most of the group were men, and by this time, no women remained at all).  We first spoke with Tim, who actually had an infectious grin when he wasn't screaming.  He told us he was quite suspicious of our "motives," wondering why we were talking with him.  We told him that we truly wanted to understand why they were doing what they were doing, and that we believe that you can't hate someone whose story you know, and we wanted to know theirs.  We discovered that none belong to a church.  Why?  They feel that all the churches are wrong, and not preaching the literal Bible. Larry came up next and joined the conversation, followed by Scott. We spent about 30 minutes with them.  They said, "If you were going to walk off a cliff, wouldn't you want us to stop you?"  Roby offered that they were assuming we were walking off a cliff.  We don't see our lives that way, nor live them that way.  In the end, we agreed to disagree.  Most important, we saw one another's humanity.  They were softer walking away, their body language having shifted, that the men we approached.  We saw them as individuals, the person behind the sign, and that was good for us.

Tim (Repent! Jesus Christ is coming back!)
Larry (For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.)
Scott (in blue jacket)

After we parted with the guys with the bullhorns, we headed into the building where we had been standing on the steps.  A gentleman came up to us and introduced himself, saying "I saw what just happened and I couldn't believe my eyes."  I attend a Methodist church in Tacoma, and we are studying hospitality.  Would you all be willing to come speak to our church?  "Of course!" we said.

Always on our list is going by to chat with State Representative Dave Quall, a wonderful friend and ally.  He and his wife, Ally, attended our July 31, 2004 wedding at Semiahmoo Resort.

(L-R) Roby, Dave & Dotti...Dotti wasn't really sleeping! (:

We went once again to the office of Republican Senator Dale E. Brandland.  As usual, we were unable to speak to him, but as always, we had a great chat with Bunny Hooper, his Senior Legislative Assistant.

If you think people can't change their mind, note that he parted with other Republicans in the way he voted recently, and we wrote and thanked him. Yes, he was the lone Republican vote for Domestic Partnership, helping it to pass in Washington!   We told him how much we enjoyed talking with Bunny, reminding him that he is lucky to have her.  We acknowleged that he probably realizes that.

Evidently, the emails go through her first and Bunny wrote back, saying
Hi - thanks for the kind words.  I really enjoy visiting with you both and know that this is an issue dear to your hearts.  See you the next time you are in Olympia.
PS - Senator Brandland will read your message. Also, I just wanted to say Hi and congrats. 

Making  a difference in our world doesn't always mean talking to who you "perceive" to be the most important person.  "Close" counts in situations other than horseshoes, providing win/win opportunities.  When you feel like you can't reach certain people, such as Senator Brandland and James Dobson, form relationships with those around them, and let them share your story.   

Peeking in one of the chambers (empty at the time) where legislators met and vote, a lady approached us, asking if we needed help.  We explained why we were there, and met Diane, the first woman bill reader.  It is amazing when you peel back the layers how many "opportunities" were reserved for men only, white men. As our country becomes more diverse and inclusive, we see those barriers toppling one by one.  Yes, it is a process, but each small step is an important one.  Thanks, Diane, for being the first! 
3.  Speaking at PFLAG chapters and colleges...Colorado Springs PFLAG, Walla Walla/Wa PFLAG & Walla Walla Community College. 
We are glad that the arrest didn't send us to jail for a couple of days for another reason. We were scheduled to speak at Colorado Springs PFLAG the next evening. Because there was no prior media release about what was going to happen (as is normal with Soulforce actions), we couldn't put the great PFLAG ladies Karen Flitton, Elaine Meyers, and Marilyn Davis (who we had been in contact with about speaking) to know ahead of time.  We are sure they would have been understanding.  These are the ladies who first took us to Poor Richards for dinner before the PFLAG meeting. 

Colorado Springs PFLAG

Before arriving in Walla Walla, Roby quickly pulled off the road when she saw our first "We are Building An Inclusive Community" sign! 

Mesa, WA "We are building an inclusive community."

We had heard of Mesa, Washington when we researched the National League of Cities website to discover which towns in Washington are part of this partnership. 

Mesa, WA "We are building an inclusive community."

One day in Walla Walla, WA wasn't near enough...we'll be back!  What a gracious group at both Walla Walla Community College, where we spoke in the afternoon, and then at PFLAG that night. Unfortunately, we don't have pics from this event yet.  Brenda Gordon was awesome in bringing us there.  With allies like Brenda standing up and speaking out, we are headed in the right direction. Our host Lee Coleman, retired from Whitman College, is amazing.  Listening to her life experiences make it worth staying at her home. She rises to run at 5:30 a.m. and then swimming afterwards.  Having been a swim coach for many years, we need her if we are to do our Triathlons.   

From Walla Walla, we headed to SandPoint, Idaho on Schweitzer Mountain with our friends, Mary & Al.  Ahhh...a few days of R & R. 
Click here for rest of newsletter! Yes, this one was a long one! But don't miss about New York!

Of course, when you are staying with two champion amateur triathletes, R & R is all a matter of definition! When they say, "Do you want to go on a snow shoe hike?" be prepared! Click here for rest of newsletter!

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