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Gap is becoming more narrow as people Stand UP and Speak OUT
May 2, 2007


   Live Authentic...Whatever It Takes
Inspiring the Power of ONE in each of us 
  to access and impact the
Power in ALL of Us
as we transform ourselves and our world, one person at a time

You can't hate someone whose story you know.

  The tiniest story in your life can deeply touch another.
 You cannot know the effect your story might have.”--Sark

Yes!  Kim Clark and Luane Beck (producer and director) of the documentary God & Gays, Bridging the Gap, will be interviewing us on Thursday, May 3rd.  Check out the details below.

Join Darlene Bogle and Dotti & Roby (Rylee Joy has laryngitis and won't be able to join us) as the next guests on the God, Gays & You Live Interview Series this Thursday, May 3rd 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern. This show will be talking about ex gay ministries, Focus on the Family, and how media is being used to spread harmful rhetoric about GLBT people. We'll also talk about if you or someone you know is struggling or involved in ex gay programs, what you can do to support and help them in a much healthier and spiritually healing way.

Since this topic is rarely openly discussed, you never know who you could be helping by forwarding this email around to your networks and lists. Invite 10 people you know to be on the call and I look forward to being you then.

Call in information:
Be sure to call in a few minutes early to get in, there's a limited number of phone lines available!

Thursday, May 3rd 5p Pacific/8p Eastern (one hour)

1-641-297-5800 (Iowa)

Participant Access Code: 29862

Learn more about their wonderful documentary and check out their website.




The Director: Luane Beck

Recently named a “filmmaker to watch,” by Curve magazine, Luane Beck was a professional actor for over seventeen years before turning her creative talents to directing and screenwriting. Appearing in dozens of productions on stage, television and film, Beck gained a unique eye for characters and angles. She burst onto the movie scene in 2004 with her critically acclaimed film Intentions.

Praised by both audiences and critics, Intentions was seen worldwide at dozens of prestigious film festivals including Cinequest and the San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival. The film is now widely available on DVD. Prior to Intentions, Beck served as producer/director of Parallel Lives, written by Kathy Najimy and Mo Gaffney. She also served as writer/director for River Team, an environmental documentary.

On stage, Beck has directed Sisters, Welcome to the Moon, Assistant Directed to Amy Glazer for Spinning into Butter and The American in Me. In addition, Beck also served as Dramaturge for the premiere of The Music Lesson



The Producer: Kim Clark

Clark is a highly-acclaimed professional speaker whose interactive topics include "Comfort Zones are Slow Dream Killers". Her energy and ability to speak to everyone in the audience individually - no matter where they are in their life - places her in high demand by churches, schools and conference coordinators. Clark helps people connect the dots in their lives and guides them through the obstacle-ridden journey from what we know to feeling it, resulting in the "head to heart transfer".

As a prolific writer, (have you seen the blog?) she is currently working on a series of articles on subjects including fear-based vs. love-based decision making, and walking side-by-side vs. at each other. Many of these will be recorded and available in 2007.

Clark worked as a Line and Associate Producer for nine documentaries, including award winning Preemies: Fight for Life and Coast Guard: Survivors airing on the Discovery Channel, Travel Channel and Discovery Health Channel. Clark wrote, produced, and directed the documentary Shouting at a Loud Party: The Contemporary Christian Music Industry, a look at the potential social change created by Christian-focused music.

Darlene Bogle

Darlene was a director of an Exodus Ministry for many years. She was the assistant pastor of the Hayward, CA Foursquare church. She traveled nationally for Exodus, teaching and speaking at conferences, as well as appearing on such shows as Jerry Springer, Sally Jesse Raphael and CBS' 48 Hours. She appeared on other nationally televised programs and was interviewed by the 700 Club. She authored  and contribitued to 5 books promoting change from the "homosexual lifestyle." In 1992 she found a Christian woman with whom she had a 12 year relationship, and was asked to leave all Christian organizations, while renouncing her ministerial involvement. Her partner passed away from breast cancer in February 2005.

Darlene's new book A Christian Lesbian Journey tells her story of ex-gay recovery and love, fully reconciled. He has blessed her with a new relationship and she and Becky are actively involved in their church and in reaching out to the gay community with God's love and acceptance.

Live Authentic...Whatever It Takes!

Every journey begins with a bold move, and every bold move is a journey. 
As we continue to make changes in our lives and grow toward our highest selves,
we are transforming the world through love, one person at a time.  
     --Two Women & a Poodle, Dotti  Berry, Robynne Sapp & Rylee Joy


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