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BE REAL Documentary Screening Celebrating the Lives of Gay People
Jan 2, 2007

Help us celebrate being home from our
year-long journey, Gay Into Straight
as we share poignant stories from the road,
and announce plans for our next
Stand UP Speak OUT project,
The Great American Roadcast.
Our intention is to
Live Authentic...
use the Power of ONE to impact
the Power in ALL of Us,
and encourage others to join us!

Please join us for this inspiring documentary that celebrates the rich diversity of gay life in America

Click here to view the trailer

Date:  Rescheduled from Feb. 17, 2007 due to medical situation with producers/directors to April or May, 2007
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Time:  7 p.m.

Place:  (Venue to be confirmed)

Cost:  $15 when purchased up to one week prior to event
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You will not receive a ticket via mail. 
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Cost will be $20 during week of event. 
You will then purchase tickets at the door.
(if seats are available)

EXITING NEWS! Producers/Directors Bobbie Birleffi and Beverly Kopf will attend the screening, and introduce the documentary, as well as answer questions afterwards!

(L-R) Bobbie and Beverly with Meridith Vieira at Lifetime Television



Producer/Director Bobbie Birleffi has worked with some the most respected names in television journalism, including Bill Moyers, Hugh Downs, Robert MacNeil, and Jim Lehrer. Producer/Director Beverly Kopf has years of experience working with top talent like Barbara Walters, Meredith Vieria, and Maria Shriver, and was a writer for the Emmy Award-winning program, The View.

Life partners as well as business partners, Birleffi and Kopf in 2000 created
TVgals, a production company responsible for a wide range of quality nonfiction television. They are currently producing a behind-the-scenes DVD and TV special for the much-anticipated musical drama, Across the Universe, for Sony Pictures. Directed by Tony Award-winner Julie Taymor, the musical incorporates original performances of many of the Beatles’ classic hits, and will be released in November 2006. Full Credits List


BE REAL: Stories from Queer America is an inspiring documentary film that celebrates the rich diversity of gay life in America. While each of the six individuals profiled in the film differ greatly in terms of their backgrounds and professional interests, they all qualify as everyday heroes, having struggled to their lives in an authentic, positive way.

In BE REAL, you’ll meet Ross Hayduk, who grew up in a Christian fundamentalist community in the South; Mignon Moore, an African-American lesbian and professor of sociology at Columbia University; Oraia Reid, a survivor of sexual abuse who founded Right Rides, an organization that provides safe, late-night transportation to women and transgenders in the New York City area; David Sexton, who overcame serious illness to create a popular musical celebrating the queer life; Tara “Red” Tremmel, a Chicago-based historian who challenges accepted notions of gender identifica-tion and sexuality; Trae Williamson, a Miami businessman whose life of privilege did not protect him from the prejudice and rejection many gays in the business world face. Together they form a mosaic of contemporary gay life that is both entertaining and inspirational.

For Bobbie Birleffi and Beverly Kopf, the producers and directors of BE REAL and themselves life partners, the film was their opportunity to portray gay people as they really are. “We wanted to dig deeper,” says Birleffi, “and to show undiscovered differences and surprising similarities among gays and straights.” For Stolichnaya Russian Vodka, sponsors of BE REAL, the film represented a means to connect with an important segment of an increasingly diverse population. “The notion of ‘being real’ is a universal human aspiration,” says Stoli Brand Manager Adam Rosen. “We feel that this film presents that message in a way that is both creative and culturally relevant to the GLBT community.” 

On the Stoli BE REAL website, they say...

If you know that special someone whose life story embodies what BE REAL is all about, we encourage you to nominate them (or yourself) to be featured in our next BE REAL project. (This will be on LOGO TV).

Please consider clicking here to nominate Two Women & a Poodle, Dotti Berry, Robynne Sapp, and Rylee Joy (put Berry-Sapp as the last name since we are legally changing our name since we legally married in Canada on November 23, 2006, Thanksgiving Day.) 

You can use this link 
to a 
six minute video (from our PFLAG NW Conference speaking engagement and put together by one of our documentary filmmakers, Kathy Kiefer) to include in your message.  

You can also go to Logo and nominate people there as well. 

For those of you who are not familiar with the initial project of Stand UP Speak OUT, Inc., the year-long journey, Gay Into Straight America, began September 11, 2005, and was a commitment to creating authentic connections with people who are “wrestling” in some way with their understanding of sexual orientation and gender variance.  Our desire was to engage hearts and minds, create authentic connections, and dissolve differences that separate us as we committed to doing Whatever It Takes to bridge the divide of understanding in our country.  Click here to read more about our journey.

Please join us for this important documentary film, as we continue to Stand UP and Speak OUT, encouraging others to do the same! May you be inspired to LIVE AUTHENTIC!  Click here to find out more about our non-profit. 

Share with your friends and utilize our resources! 

Don't miss our podcasts on link below.  We have interviewed the following people as part of our Stand UP Speak OUT/Great American Roadcast series. 

  • Donna Rose - author of Wrapped in Blue:  A Journey of Discovery; only transgender person on HRC Board

  • Lars Clausen - Lutheran pastor's journey, Straight Into Gay America journey, and his book of same title

  • Brian McNaught - Corporate Diversity Trainer, dubbed "Godfather of Gay Sensitivity Training"

  • Peggy Campolo - Evangelical speaker and book editor; Peggy and her husband, Tony Campolo, an evangelical author and speaker, are well known for their talk, "Living with Our Differences - A dialogue on sexual orientation and the Christian Faith" which they have given at numerous churches.

  • Rev. Dr. Bill Stayton - former Department Chair for Human Sexuality at Widener University;now Executive Director of the Center for Sexuality and Religion 

  • Rev. Dr. Lisa W. Davison - Professor of First Testament at Lexington Theological Seminary; What the Bible Says/Doesn't Say about Homosexuality

  • Michele Angello - Sexologist (interviewed on Larry King Live for program on TransAmerica).  We are interviewing her in January, 2007.

  • Wayne Besen - author of Anything But Straight; one of the Advocate's People of the Year for 2006; founder of Truth Wins Out

  • Lesbian couple:
    Amy and Elizabeth Eylerpallitier
    - legally married in MA

  • Gay couples:
    Frank Benedetti and Gary Trowbridge, better known as "Frank & Gary" (together for 42 years)

    Dean Genthe, and his partner, Gary -- both previously married to women for 30 years, and with children, they will share how their lives came together

  • Transgender couple -
    Lauren & Kathryn Bode

  • Transgender Woman -
    Judy Osborne - Dotti traveled to Thailand with her in 2001 for her GRS (gender reassignment surgery)

  • Our neighbor - Michelle Willoughby, sharing her initial fears upon discovering that her new next door neighbors, a lesbian couple (us), and the impact on the neighborhood

From the real and true adventures of Two Women & A Poodle,
on our LIFE-LONG JOURNEY to transform ourselves and the world,
one person at a time!

Every journey begins with a bold move, and every bold move is a journey.  As we continue to make changes in our lives and grow toward our highest selves, we are transforming the world.

The light in us honors the light in you... Dotti, Roby & Rylee Joy 


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