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A perfect example of how the word "lifestyle" has been co-opted to demonize our GLBT community
Mar 9, 2008


   Live Authentic...Whatever It Takes
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  to access and impact the
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You can't hate someone whose story you know.

  The tiniest story in your life can deeply touch another.
 You cannot know the effect your story might have.”--Sark

An Oklahoman legislator erroneously believed she was speaking to a closed audience. Unfortunately for her, someone had a recorder. Her homophobic rants never ceased, including this: “Not everybody’s lifestyle is equal, just like not all religions are equal.”

Please share this video with folks you know.  It is important that the effects of homophobia and religious-based bigotry be exposed.  Click here to see the video.  

As most of you realize, we do a lot of educating around the use of the word “lifestyle,” and people’s conscious and/or unconscious use of it (even well meaning people).  The above situation supplies the perfect example of how the word “lifestyle” is co-opted to demonize our community, and why it is a word that needs to be eradicated from use in connection to describing GLBT persons.   Sexual orientation is not a "lifestyle." Click here to read what we write about the use of the word “lifestyle. 

Exposing this backyard bigotry is not an opportunity to humiliate this woman, but to see the harmful impact of these types of comments, and to understand how it divides, rather than unites, us.  Check in and ask yourself, "When have I been guilty of this type of behavior?"  Reach out today and offer love to someone who has offered you fear. MAKE A COMMITMENT TO END BACKYARD BIGOTRY. We can all do better, and we must if we are to transcend differences that separate us. 

Live Authentic...Whatever It Takes!


When Homophobia Hits Home...A Compassionate Couple's Journey to Transcend Backyard Bigotry (out in 2009) details why it is time for all of us to stand up and speak out in empowered ways, and how to become the solution.  Make a commitment to do one thing today to help end "backyard bigotry," and ask your friends to do the same.

--Two Women & a Poodle, Dotti  Berry, Robynne Sapp & Rylee Joy




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