Who inspired people to Join the Conversation before Anderson Cooper & Twitter?

Dotti Berry & Robynne Sapp



Two Women & a Poodle, as they have been affectionately dubbed, were inspiring people to live authentically and Join the Conversation long before Anderson Cooper & Twitter engaged in such rhetoric.

Claiming "Our country is better than this!" Dotti Berry and Robynne Sapp, along with their standard poodle, Rylee Joy, embarked in 2005/06 on a year-long 50,000 mile journey, Gay Into Straight America. Their intention was to bridge the divide by engaging hearts and minds, creating authentic connections and transcending differences that separate us. They now appear to be visionaries, women ahead of their time.


What their journey taught them was much more encompassing than the vehicle they rode, that of being a same gender couple.  They discovered that the desire to live authentically and passionately, and to connect with one another is the common thread. In that respect, each person is faced with this choice, "How do I live as the gift I am, experiencing life more authentically and engaging with others more deeply?"  

You will:

  • Learn what it takes to Live YOUR Truth when Dotti & Roby unveil the secret
  • Discover how living authentically as the gift you are impacts every aspect of your life.
  • Learn the #1 reason people get stumped on how to take action.
  • Ascertain how you can connect and engage with people on deeper levels.
  • Receive tips on how you can create an empowering personal journey.
  • Comprehend how your personal story and journey gives others the courage and freedom to take their own.
  • Grasp four steps you can take to lean into any situation, rather than defend, creating authentic connections with family and friends.
  • Experience how life shrinks or expands in proportion to your courage and honesty.
  • Learn what keys you already hold for your own empowerment, and how to access them.
  • Discover transcendent lessons Rylee Joy and othesr taught them as they share dynamic stories from the road, and how you can incorporate these into your daily life.
The fat lady ain't singing yet, but she's clearing her throat.  A big tsunami size shift and transformation is on its way in America.  Stop...Look...Listen...& Feel, and you will Engage, Connect, & Transcend Differences, changing yourself and our world, one person at a time. 

Dotti, Roby, and Rylee Joy continue their travels and speaking, encouraing people to Live Authentically & Join the Conversation...Whatever It Takes!
Stay tuned for the adventures of Two Women & a Poodle!

Their book, Live YOUR Truth...Two Women & a Poodle Unlock The Secret!
will be released in 2010.

CONTACT:  Arrange an interview by calling 360-933-4480 or emailing Dotti@standUPspeakOUT  

Their personal story

Lessons from Rylee Joy 

More pictures of people with whom they engaged throughout America

Comments from people they inspired


Blog/website: www.LivingAuthenticLives.com

Websites:      www.standUPspeakOUT.com



(L-R) Dotti, Rylee Joy & Robynne



LIVE YOUR TRUTH! LIVE! As the Gift That YOU Are the rallying mottos of Two Women & a Poodle. 
Dotti Berry, Robynne Sapp & Rylee Joy help you understand how to live authentically and with passion, not waiting for everything to be perfectly in line before you take action in your life. Living authentically resonates with people everywhere, across the spectrum of any differences, and you are no different.  This desire to connect is the common denominator, and the one that allows you to bridge the divide between your differences.  Dotti & Roby encourage you to commit to remaining unattached to a specific outcome, guaranteeing that amazing results will occur from that intention. They share their secret of how to visualize the end result, an action that creates energetic motion and attracts to you the people necessary for your dream to succeed.


Sample Questions:

  1. What propelled you on your year-long journey, Gay Into Straight America?
  2. What is the meaning behind LIVE YOUR TRUTH?
  3. What is the #1 reason people get stumped on how to take action?
  4. How do others often hold people hostage through fear, and what can each person do about it? 
  5. Explain the concept behind the Power of ONE to create the life you want.
  6. What do you mean by Join the Conversation & Live Authentically ...Whatever it Takes?
  7. What key lesson did you learn from your year on the road?

We've been talking to Dotti Berry and Robynne Sapp about how to live authentically as the gift that you are, whatever it takes. Check out their website at www.standUPspeakOUT.com



New friends at Koinonia Village, the birthplace of Habitat for Humanity.  We were the first gay people to ever speak to their group.

2004 Wedding at Semiahmoo Resort
in Birch Bay, WA

2007 Wedding in White Rock, Canada