Researchers speak OUT!

Professors and scientists have "come out of the closet" to state that their research has been distorted by Dr. James Dobson (Focus on the Family).  It happened after his guest column criticizing Mary Cheney in Time Magazine on December 18, 2006. He cited the work of renowned researchers to justify denigrating gay families. Click here to read the entire article.

Click below to hear an interview with Dr. Carol Gilligan at New York University.

Click below to hear an interview with Dr. Kyle Pruett (son of a Baptist minister) at Yale University. " 'Two Mommies' is not the whole story. It is love that surrounds children, not the gender of the parents, that prepares them for the world," explains Dr. Pruett. He contacted Dr. Dobson asking for dialogue, and never heard back from him.

Click below to hear an interview with Dr. Robert Spitzer, a professor of psychiatry at Columbia University.

Click below for video of interview with Dr. Judith Stacey at New York University.

Since Dr. Dobson's commentary, TIME has now printed a rebuttal, Two Mommies or Two Daddies Will Do Fine, Thanks.  It is written by Jennifer Chrisler, Executive Director of Family Pride, the nation's largest LGBT family advocacy group, and the mother of twin boys with her wife Cheryl Jacques.  She says,

"When people like Dobson profess 'concern' for the welfare of children, while simultaneously attacking those very children's parents and family structures, their insincerity becomes evident. If their paramount focus is truly the health and well-being of children, then we invite Dobson and his colleagues to join our fight to ensure that all loving families are recognized, respected, protected and celebrated."