January, 2007 Media Release

What do Oprah, Jim McGreevey, & Two Women and a Poodle have in common?

Living authentic lives.  Are you willing to do Whatever It Takes? Two women and a poodle are. Oprah is. Her recent interview with former NJ governor, Jim McGreevey, who came out as a gay man and talks about the needs for authenticity and honesty in one’s personal life in his new book, Confession, confirms he is too.

Dotti Berry and Robynne Sapp, who embarked on September 11, 2005, for a year long journey, Gay Into Straight America, with their standard poodle, Rylee Joy, are adamant that, “Living authentic lives” is the essence of what it means to be human. Why would you or GLBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender) persons want anything less? 

Living authentically resonates with your basic human desire, whether in your private life or in your work situation. Our journey confirmed that you deeply want to connect with others, and yet often erect walls that keep you from attaining your deepest desires, and manifesting love and compassion that is vital to thriving, rather than surviving, in your world. What we experienced and want to share with you is a universal message. You can't hate someone whose story you know.

You will:

·        Receive tips on how you can engage hearts and minds, create authentic connections, and dissolve differences that separate you from others

·        Understand why most people, including you, want equal rights and protections for all people, inclusive of GLBT persons

·         Learn the #1 reason the GLBT community holds the key to its own empowerment

·        Grasp how a minority in the United States has held a majority hostage through fear, and what you can do about it

·        Discover how your corporation, anywhere in the world, can learn from what we discovered about the “pulse” of America

·         Ascertain 3 Steps you can take to “lean into” any situation, rather than defend, creating authentic connections

Dotti, Roby and Rylee Joy, who reside in Blaine, Washington, have shown thousands of people how to be like Helen Keller and use the Power of One, inspiring them to “live authentic lives.” They can show you how to Stand UP and Speak OUT, and learn to do Whatever It Takes to create authentic connections with anyone in your life.


To contact Dotti And Roby:

            Call 360-305-0909