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2005/2006 All media from Gay Into Straight America Journey
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2005/2006 News Updates - weekly newsletters from Gay Into Straight America Journey

Stand UP Speak Out

Media Releases:                                                           
Date Title Status
June/2009 Screenings of for the Bible Tells me family's story intersects with local Blaine couple Immediate Release
Feb/2009 Radio Show - Blog Talk Radio Almost here!
Feb/2007 Have you always dreamed of adventure,
but only talk about it
Immediate Release
Jan/2007 What do Oprah, Jim McGreevey, and
Two Women & a Poodle have in common
Immediate Release
Jan/2007 BE REAL documentary screening...
Producers/Directors attending Fundraiser
Immediate Release
Stand UP Speak OUT Recent Articles, Radio & Other Media Info
Date: Topic & Media Source

Growing Up Gay & Christian
The Daily World In Hoquiam, WA (Roby's hometown)

May/2007 Being Safe, being Real by Matthew Thuney
The Whatcom Independent, Bellingham, WA
April/2007 Focusing on...Focus: Recent Soulforce arrest at Springs campus portends campaign to come
The Independent, Colorado Springs, CO
March/2007 Public Eye: Cara DeGette: When accuracy is a crime
Indpendent, Colorado Springs, CO
March/2007 Focus on the Burning Bridge 
The Colorado Confidential
Feb/2007 Soulforce act of Civil Disobedience at Focus on the Family...Dotti Berry & Robynne Sapp arrested
Feb/2007 Two girls and a Dog - Curve magazine -- Article about Gay Into Straight America journey in March issue
Jan/2007 Hosted Joe Teehan Show on KGMI Bellingham...Listen!
Date Podcasts & Radio Shows
September 2008

Podcast from Real Life, Only Better from Blog Talk Radio.  Hosted by
author Michele Gentile, an occupational therapist and wellness coach, Alyson Parilla, a Special Education teacher, and Stash Serafin, nationally known blind ice skater and body awareness coach. Click here to listen to this engaging show about transcending differences.

May 2008 A radio show, called REAL DIALOGUE, is coming in 2008.  It will be an east coast/west coast happening with Two Women & a Poodle in Blaine, WA & Stash in Philadelphia, PA.  They will bring real dialogue about a myriad of issues, connecting people through authentic sharing and interviewing a diverse group of individuals.  Sign up for our newsletter so that you can stay tuned for the start date!
April 2008 God, Gays & You Live Interview Series - Interview by Kim Clark.
Listen to an intimate, honest discussion around the two gay teen murders and the spiritual response to Rep. Sally Kern's anti-gay comments with Dotti Berry, Roby Sapp and Steve Davis. 
Check out
God & Gays.
August, 2007 Click here for Worlds of Wayne. Our interview is Episode 4.  He also did an article for The Reader in Omaha, Nebraska (see link below undr Recent Media)
August, 2007 Michael, whose website is MikeyPod,  carries our interview on a podcast.  Click here and go to Episode 61 
May, 2007 Click here for link to download podcast with Beth Derenne of KOPN in Columbia, Missouri (paste the link into your Podcast player)
April, 2007 God, Gays & You Live Interview Series - Interview by Kim Clark. Darlene Bogle, Dotti Berry & Roby Sapp . Check out God & Gays.
March, 2007 "Godcast #10" with Candace Chellew of Whosoever Magazine
December, 2006 Click here for link to download podcast Beth Derenne of KOPN in Columbia, Missouri (paste the link into your Podcast player)
Click here for "godcast" by Rev. Candace Chellew from Whosoever Magazine...Robynne Sapp tells why she and her spouse, Dotti Berry, are going Gay Into Straight America.
September 2006 Stand UP Speak OUT/Great American Roadcasts - These are all of the podcasts by Dotti Berry & Robynne Sapp as they "Talk with America."

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May, 2005 Dotti's & Roby's Account of their tour of Focus on the Family

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