Authentic Connection

What is Natural Authentic Connection (NAC)?  It is what each of us desires with ourselves and with others.  It is the essence of what it means to be human.  It comes from daring to experience deeper conversations and having an open heart, which frees the soul to love.

Natural Authentic Connection  encourages, allows, and outpictures a deeper connection with the humanity within each of us, with any person, at any time, in any situation.

Natural Authentic Connection respects the viewpoints of others, while being clearly in touch with our own healthy boundaries.

Natural Authentic Connection supports the creation of personal relationships and organizations which empower ALL.

Natural Authentic Connection  keeps us present to the moment, aware of our past, and hopeful for our future.

Natural Authentic Connection  inspires our own transformation and that of others.

Natural Authentic Connection  allows us to use the natural tension that arises from any relationship, and utilize it to evolve and experience "Aha" moments.

Natural Authentic Connection  keeps us conscious in ways that are otherwise unavailable.

Natural Authentic Connection supports us for thriving in life.

The words of Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross express the importance of natural authentic connection which transforms oneself.

"You must give up everything, in order to gain everything.  What must you give up? Everything that is not truly you; all that you have chosen without choosing and value without evaluating.  All your self-doubt that keeps you from trusting and loving yourself or other human beings. What will you gain? Only your own true self; a self who is at peace, who is able to truly love and be loved, and who understands who and what she/he is meant for. But you can be yourself only if you are no one else. You must give up 'their' approval, whoever they are, and look to yourself for evaluation of success and failure, in terms of your own level of aspiration that is consistent with your values. Nothing is simpler and nothing is more difficult."