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Patricia Kashare's article, A Mind on Fire, (in the July 2004 issue of Science of Mind), struck a chord with us. She said, "Emerson spoke his truth, and in keeping with his belief that honesty was more important than popularity, Emerson insisted that Christianity had fossilized!"

Having come from Christian backgrounds, we feel that many religious institutions, not just some Christian ones, have hijacked spiritual and moral values. This has led to dividing, rather than uniting, people. We want to encourage people to cross the abyss into a greater understanding with one another, committing to enjoying our unique differences, and utilizing these differences to create more authentic connections with one another.

Our mission statement served to empower our initial Stand UP Speak OUT project, Gay Into Straight America, which kicked off September 11, 2005. It was our year long journey dedicated to engaging hearts and minds, creating authentic connections, and dissolving differences that separate us with people "wrestling" with their understanding of (GLBT) gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons.That included people in the GLBT community who often wrestle with living authentic lives. 

We can no longer remain silent. An "internal evolution" has been brewing. We encourage you to join us. Let's empower one another to Stand UP and Speak OUT, transforming ourselves and our world in the process.

With your continued support, Stand UP Speak OUT, Inc. can continue educating people, includuing our gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender community. It's not just about "them."  The Power of ONE in each of us can create a connectedness between ALL OF US!  We can continue traveling, speaking and training throughout the United States, teaching people the skills and tools necessary to have difficult conversations, and live authentic lives.  These opportunitities stretch each of us, allowing us to Shift.  The process opens up the opportunity for others to evolve and grow as we transform ourselves. Living authentic lives is the best antidote to the polarization of people's understanding about variant sexual orientation and gender.  Living authentic lives bridges the divide in ways that attempting to change others can never do. 

We believe that our community can move beyond victim hood by embracing the opportunity that living authentic lives provides. Our energy can then be redirected toward living empowered lives, where the bigger obstacles that face our planet can be addressed.

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I am only One.  But Still I am One. I cannot do Everything.  But Still I can do Something.  I will not refuse to do the Something I can do!  Helen Keller






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