Fear is a Call for Love!

Fear is a call for love. People want to connect at the deepest level, and yet people are often afraid to risk reaching across differences to connect with one another.  More than anything, the majority of people in our country want equality and justice for all people.  The vocal and well-financed minority, who do not want this, have held our community hostage through fear.  It is time to break the silence, and share our lives, our authentic selves, with the movable middle. Whenever we are triggered, it reflects us, not them. It is time to quit enabling dysfunction within our own community by being complicit in our own imprisonment through our silence.  Poet Audre Lorde says, "Your silence will not protect you."  She is right! Life is about chiseling away the armor that has created a false illusion of safety, and revealing the beauty within. It is time to ask as much of ourselves as we ask of others.  The gift that we are must be shared if we are to move forward.  That step will both heal us and empower us.