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Ref. 74 passes in WA - Two Women & A Poodle Still Speaking for Equality!
Nov 9, 2012
Two Women and a Poodle announce the approval of Ref 74 in WA, enabling same gender couples the freedom to marry. Their wedding will be on July 6. This newsletter is dedicated to the memory of Mildred & Richard Loving.

Lesbian Daughter's Death Now Saves Lives.
Jul 9, 2009
One family's story from the 2008 Academy Award nominated documentary, For The BIBLE Tells Me So, intersects with a Blaine, WA couple. An encounter with Mary Lou Wallner literally saved the life of Robynne Sapp.

Why We Can't Wait...The American Family Outing
May 1, 2008
From Mother's Day to Father's Day, we will confront the silence of mega churches regarding GLBT people. Please read further and find out what you can do.
We need your support, whether that be emotional, spiritual, and/or financial.

God & Gays, Sally Kern and "Backyard Bigotry" Thursday night
Apr 1, 2008
Kim says this will be "a real, intimate and honest conversation about the latest challenges for the gay community, the spiritual response and where we go from here to help prevent these horrific things from happening again."

A perfect example of how the word "lifestyle" has been co-opted to demonize our GLBT community
Mar 9, 2008
Her homophobic comments never ceased...“Not everybody’s lifestyle is equal, just like not all religions are equal.” SEE THE VIDEO & PASS THIS NEWS UPDATE ALONG TO YOUR FRIENDS & FAMILY. MAKE YOUR COMMITMENT TO END BACKYARD BIGOTRY!

Where we've been, Where are are, and more about Where we are "literally" going!
Dec 22, 2007
People repeatedly say, "Keep telling us more since the official end of GISA." Here's our quarterly "end of the year" newsletter. Get set with a cup of coffee and a comfortable chair for lots of news, including how to help us create a GISA reunion!

Two Women & A Poodle bring home message of hope, love, and authentic living!
May 7, 2007
Check out our upcoming speaking engagements. When opportunities come knocking, we embrace them. See what's so special about speaking in our hometown!

Gap is becoming more narrow as people Stand UP and Speak OUT
May 2, 2007
God & Gays: Bridging the Gap. The gap continues to narrow as people who were "cured" leave Exodus and other groups, standing up and speaking out. Our own community is becoming empowered, confronting and saying, "No more!" to toxic rhetoric.

Dobson, Imus, Va. Tech situations invite a deeper conversation...Two Women & a Poodle say, "It's about time!"
Apr 26, 2007
When we hate others, they control us. We refuse to allow that to be our path. Brother Jamal Rahim, a Muslim Sufi, profoundly reminded us, “Whoever’s approval you seek, imprisons you. Choose your jailer with care and deliberation.”

Kentucky's largest Methodist Church bars gays from membership
Mar 29, 2007
Kentucky's largest Methodist congregation prevented Dotti Berry, an openly-gay woman from joining the church in 1999.

March newsletter continued
Mar 20, 2007
So much happened between our Feb. 19 arrest at Focus on the Family and our court date on March 14 that we had to split our newsletter in two parts. Enjoy!

Mar 20, 2007
Wondering why you hadn't heard what happened in court? The latesness of our newsletter is due to bouts of bronchitis, first Roby while in Colorado Springs, and then Dotti after we arrived home. Next our server went down for two days. Relax...enjoy!

Two Women (without their Poodle) arrested in non-violent act of civil disobedience...we need your help!
Feb 19, 2007
As part of a Soulforce direct action, we initiated an act of civil disobedience at Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs today. We need your support more than ever. We share our decision and why it is now imperative that we increase the tension.

How about Happy Valentine's Day rather than Happy New Year?
Feb 14, 2007
Yes, January slipped by as we continued to revamp "life at home." From speaking to hosting radio shows to podcasting to making decisions about career and life, it was packed full!

BE REAL Documentary Screening Celebrating the Lives of Gay People
Jan 2, 2007
Friends and family will gather for a showing of BE REAL, the documentary, and celebrate Two Women and a Poodle, home from their Gay Into Straight America journey! Producers/Directors introduce the film and share a few stories from the road.

Newsletters & new projects are coming soon!
Nov 13, 2006
The journey continues with new Stand UP Speak OUT projects.

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